Friday, June 08, 2007


I watched Adaptation again tonight. I think I've seen it four or five times, and it's one of those movies that I like better every time I see it. I saw Dreamgirls. Meh. I might have enjoyed it more if I didn't have to snatch up the remote to lower the volume every time they started to sing (which was often) and volume back up during dialogue because it sounded like everyone was whispering.

I watched a movie called something like "Yobi: The Nine Tailed Fox," which was certainly an animated children's version of Gumiho, a 1994 Korean film. It made me cry. I'm such a big baby.

Last night I tried to watch Smokin' Aces, but realized about a third of the way in I had no idea what was going on. I was too busy yapping with my friend. So we switched to the movie he'd brought, Chung Hing sam lam, and the movie played in its entirety. When it finished I only barely knew what had happened. Chattiness does not make for a good movie experience.

I watched Lady in the Water which was weird. I really like Paul Giamatti, and he did a good job acting, despite the story being too strange. My manager watched the DVD on Wednesday and today at school she was all flustered because it was all a LIE. The story was most definitely NOT a Korean fable.
"But, it's not real, Jane."
"Yes, exactly! I NEVER heard that story as a child."
"I mean, it's not real."
"No! It's not real! I asked my mother if she ever heard that story...."
"No, I mean it's NOT real! The fable isn't a real fable. The writer/director/producer/actor actually made the story up for his children."
"Oh!" she said, letting it sink in. "Oh,'s not real!"
"No, it's just a story about a made up fable."

I watched Blood Diamond. 'Twas good. It ticked Jane off as well, though. "How are we supposed to know which is a blood diamond and which isn't?!?!"

The Korean movie Maundy Thursday was pretty good. A bit Dead Man Walking-ish. I watched another Korean movie last week that was so dreadful I fast forwarded through the last half of it, hoping all the characters would die. They didn't. I was trying to evoke the power I felt when I wished so hard that Meg Ryan, riding her bike- happy and in love- in City of Angels would get hit by a truck. And then SPLAT! Hello, truck! (Just after that happened I remember feeling a bit guilty. Ha!)

So there you have it. I'm no Ebert, huh? If you want my recommendation, for an enjoyable movie night, pick a Charlie Kaufman film.

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