Friday, September 14, 2007

The Cure

There are many different "remedies" for a hangover. A guy I knew in Japan swore by a bottle of sports drink and a nice big bowl of "oden" from 7-11. Oden is various items - like fish cake, tofu, and strings of konnyaku in a nice broth. You can add blobs of hot mustard to it, which clears your head up good. I once saw a newscast around New Years Eve that recommended eating honey on saltines after a night of partying. I don't recall why. Here's a whole host of suggestions from Health911dotcom, which is the 1st site listed currently if you google "hangover remedy."

However, I've always been a fan of a brain-numbing style of hangover maintenance. I say 400mg of Ibuprofen and a big coke slushie will fix you up nice. But, hoo. I've never seen a coke slushie in Korea.

This is a reliable substitute, though.
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It's a Cola Ice Drink!

Let's open 'er up.
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Mmmmmm. It looks icy!

Before you pop the top off it and squish out its icy goodness into your mouth, please take some time to jam the bottom of the bottle into your bloodshot eyes. It fits quite perfectly into your eye sockets. And, see the curve in the sides? Fit that over your eyebrow and roll the bottle around on your temples. Ahhhhh. That's good!

Now eat it.
And repeat it.
And go back to bed, Mr. Hangover McDrunkenstein.

(I wasn't actually hungover when I took this picture. You don't have to be hungover to enjoy some icy cola. My students love this "popsicle," and I doubt they are hungover that often. Knock wood.)


Bohemian in Korea said...

Oh, goodness me...yes cold icy stuffs is the best defence.

Kagemonsteret said...

As a matter of fact do i have a hangover now:S

Jes said...

Coke has always been a vital part of my hangover remedy...but I've never had a coke slush...I'm gonna go with your recommendation and try it. It shouldn't be too long before I'm feeling hungover again...