Sunday, September 23, 2007

Week Recap

I've often wished that Friday night could find a way to transform itself into a physical mass so I could pet it and fondle it and express how much I love it. Well,...this past Friday evening marked the beginning of a 5-day holiday. I love this past Friday so much I want it to metamorphose into something I can kiss and hug and marry,...and then chop up and fry and eat and happily burp, content with bliss.

So I'm on holiday, and thank the Great Gods for that. This week seemed really long. It was busy. My birthday was on Tuesday, and even though it often feels like I've got no friends, I still had celebrations Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.

Monday I met Joy, my former co-worker and now great friend. She's very Christian, but also easy going and doesn't balk at my constant swearing and hand gestures denoting sex. (Just a habit of mine - I think it's Tourettes based.) We met and had a little bite of undelicious food and fantastic pitchers of "soju cocktails." I didn't take a picture, and they were more juice than soju - there was only a half bottle in a big jug. But then we had some bamboo wine.
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I forget the name of this stuff, but it's nice - and served in actual bamboo. Even the glasses were bamboo shot glasses!
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We sat safe inside this new restaurant that just opened a couple weeks ago, while a typhoon whipped by outside. Nice.

Monday night I ended up in my local bar on my way home after a yummy dinner at my friend Ben's. I figured I'd write a letter to my twin brother as our birthdays approached in an hour or so. One of my student's fathers who I know came by to say hi, and when he heard it was soon to be my birthday he disappeared out the door, only to re-appear with a cake!
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It was yummy! And as a few people sang to me, my student's dad accidentally shot one of those firecrackers that spurts out streamers into my lip. That hurt. So after cake eating there was a visit to a noraebang. Then I came home and drunk dialed family back in Canada. They love that.

Tuesday. Birthday. At work. Cake. Baskin Robbins from my boss. Delicious.
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Seriously. Yum.
Hangover bad. Ice cream good.
Nice presents! My boss knows me well and got me some fantastic silver hoop earrings. Jane got me huge tacky fake-gold earrings that look like tambourines. Sunny gave me surely the most expensive mascara I've ever owned. The kids gave me kitchy stuff and excellent letters. I felt,....well,...hungover. Hungover and loved.

Dinner with Ben at the same restaurant I'd been to with Joy. I wanted him to experience a Pomegranate-Apple Pitcher of Icy Goodness (with a smidgen of soju.) We also had the Peach and then the Kiwi. Here's dinner!
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This is a version of "Keran-mari" - rolled egg. There was a little cheese in this and it was topped with a sweet soy saucey glaze. The bonito flakes on the top came alive, moving on their own with the heat of the eggs.

And check this out!
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Sausages and potatoes!

Home early. I still had another half hour left in my barfday. I did not barf, though.

The rest of the week went by with me feeling very stretched. I was tired, distracted and had crap on my mind. My patience was limited. Now that I have days of leisure laid out before me, though, maybe I'll share. Or maybe I'll nap. But thank you for the birthday wishes - those of you who wished me well. Me <---- grateful.


Mosaic Cats said...

Ha! What a great post.
Belated Birthday Non-Barf-Laced Greetings!
You crack my ass up.
My 92-yr-old maternal Grama is in the hospital, quite ill and frail, sadly, but still laughing at my lame jokes and loving me more than any other child, grandchild, or great grandchild she has. (I know this. For certain.)
I spoke with her earlier, and then I had a cocktail. Or two. I had this immediate impulse to drunk dial my grama for warm fuzzy love, comfort and reassurance that she's not going to die just yet, but I resisted. (Plus I kinda did that one yesterday on the phone when I spoke with her, avec tears.) I mean, she's on her back and can barely speak, let alone keep food down or walk.
How narcissistic would that be of me, do you think?
You can email me privately if you have an answer.
Let's see...I'll sign this ANNIE so no one knows who really wrote it.

Bohemian in Korea said...

Hey you! Wanted to say belated happy b-day and sorry I haven't posted recently is am are very busy like but have thunked thought thinked of yaz.