Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Day of Discovery

I did a lot of discovering this past Sunday. I had plans to meet my former co-worker Joy and my friend Ben for some dinner and fun. So off I went, to meet Ben near my school. On the way there, I discovered that there's a pomegranate tree!
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Can you see the little fruit up near the top? Now I have to discover how to get up there and get 'em!

I also discovered a fig tree!
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It's just a few feet down from the pomegranate tree. The fruit's not ripe yet, though.

And then a little further along is a tree with loads of bean pod things. I don't know what's inside or if I can eat them.
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I didn't have time for further investigation or discovery on the pods. Ben was waiting for me.

But, almost to the school I discovered a new bunny in the cage where other bunnies lived before.
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I'm determined not to become attached to this bunny who's probably bound for someone's pot. I shall will myself not to look at the disgusting cage and lack of water everyday. Or maybe I'll just steal the bunny and set him free in the mountains.
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Poor little bunny.

So I met Ben and we went downtown to meet Joy who happened to have met Sunny earlier and invited her along to meet with all of us later when we met. So we were four people. Meeting, like. Actually, Joy had been the one to invite me to dinner. She was heading back to school the next day, a couple hours away from here, so I won't be seeing as much of her. (Insert frowny face.) Just after we met, Joy and Sunny announced they were starving. Oh, and they had no money.
Seriously, who does that?!?! (/More frowny face.)

So I had to go discover an ATM,...and was pleased to find a new one that was fire-engine red!
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We decided to hop in a cab to another part of town to discover a restaurant I'd heard about but never been to. Indian food! Yeeeee ha!

We discovered all this!
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I discovered I wasn't thrilled with the chicken briyani - in the foreground. I discovered the pappadums were terribly overpriced, at two bucks a pop. I discovered their naan was delicious. I discovered, after eating mutton for the very first time, that it's not baaaaaaaad. Ha ha. Baaaaaaaaa (d)

I discovered the chicken tandoori was outstanding and I wish I had ordered a whole plate for myself.
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Then we headed back to town and went to discover a new "Asian Food Market" that just opened up. There are a LOT of foreigners here because there are so many factories around. This market offers food from Thailand, The Philippines, Mongolia, India, Vietnam, and so forth. It doesn't have anything Korean in it! There are big cheap bottles of Chinese beer, and crazily big and cheap bottles of Russian liquor. Ben bought me some frozen sausage from The Philippines. I'll tell you how that works out when I cook it!

Then we bid Sunny good-bye because she's no fun she was tired, and Ben and Joy and I bought some cups and some makkoli and went and sat under a pavilion in the park. We were soon joined by a cute but very drunk fellow from Kazakhstan, and then a couple Filipino fellas, and then a guy from Mongolia. We were the United Nations. It was interesting, but the party broke up soon after drunk Kazakhstan guy leaned over and whispered to Joy something about sleeping with her. She's a good Christian woman and she was suddenly terrified! (But she was a pretty good sport after we calmed her down.) We took her home and discovered we were quite tired, so headed home as well.

I'm discovering that Sundays are pretty fun!


Diana said...

Sundays are the best day.

My lord that naan looks incredible. I've heard there is an Indian restaurant in Daegu with yummy naan. I will have to go find it.

Nomad said...

Russian liquor. Like Stolichnaya Vodka, maybe?

Bohemian in Korea said...

I was roomates in california for 3 years with an India fellow he had a manservant who would cook us the most wonderful meal...pls tell me did they have mango pickle? If so I will be there in a heart beat. Indian food is truly a taste sensation.

PS I have changed my profile to include an email address.



Jelly said...

Diana - the naan was soooo good! Let me know how your Indian restraint experience was, once you find it.

Nomad - I don't know what it was. The bottles were just massive, and only 13,000W! Next time I'm there I'll look more closely. Do you want some booze?

BoHoinK -
Ha ha, I made a funny name!
They actually served a bowl of sweet pickles. Like the kind you get with pizza. Ugh.
There were some Indian pickles at the Asian market, though. I'll check them out next time!

Mike Bohemoth said...

Where's this restaurant? Where's the market? In Seoul?

lindsey starr said...

yum- the indian food looks great! maybe I can send you some good mango pickle from the indian market nearby in my next package to you :)

and a pomegranate tree!?! cool! yeah, I'd be trying to figure out how to climb up too.... or do you wait until they fall?