Monday, September 10, 2007


I was on a mission, and I can report that I did very well indeed. I skipped merrily to work today, because that's what I like to do on Mondays. Don't you? Doesn't everyone?

At least I had an objective this here day. At first, I was just sneaking my magical Monday words in randomly. I started off right away.
"How was your weekend, Jelly? What did you do?"
"Not very bling bling pop much!" I replied. Jane didn't even blink.

The Korean teachers had to go to a seminar on Saturday. Jane said it was a boring waste of time, but I decided to ask Sunny what she thought about it. "How was your bling bling pop workshop?" (I considered giving myself extra Rhyming Points, but decided against it.)

I walked into my first class, and quickly realized that I was going to be able to speak my magic words one hundred times without being questioned about what I was saying.
"Hi there kids! Ben, sit bling bling pop down, and everyone open your bling bling pop books."
Ben sat down and they all opened their books.
Allllrighty then!

Later, I decided to get a little bold. I was muttering to myself as I searched around on my desk. "Damn! Where is it?"
"What?" Sunny asked.
"I can't find my bling bling pop."
"My bling bling pop. Did you see it?"
She started to root around in the supplies basket between our desks! Ha!
As Sunny tried handing me some corrector tape, I exclaimed, "Oh! Here it is!" I quickly grabbed up a chunk of air and stuffed it in my pocket.
Sunny smiled.
If I hadn't scooped up the air, I am positive she would have just kept trying to hand me things, hoping she'd stumble upon my missing bling-bling pop.

By the time the last bell rang and I was grabbing for my bag to head off I'd already said "bling bling pop" way more than fifteen times. I lost count after I went into a crescendoing bling bling pop mantra in my fifth class, trying to get the kids to quiet down.

"Alright Lady Bling Bling Pops," I said to my co-workers. "Have a good night and I'll see you tomorrow!"

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Kevin said...

Dour, sour Jane didn't like the seminar, but what did Sunny think? Is she as cheerful as her name suggests?