Thursday, December 27, 2007

So That Was Christmas

And what have I done?

Well,..not too much. Just to update you from my last post, I went into work on Monday all ticked off but determined not to freak out on anyone. I was surprised to see my boss there. She's usually only present on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Turns out, Jane's sick. (In the head?) No - that's mean. Apparently she had a "health check" on the previous Friday and the doctors decided she needed some surgery. From what I've been told, the docs won't tell her what the deal is until after the surgery. Then they'll say if it's bad or okay.

That happens a lot, eh? I know I'd feel comfortable having doctors operate on some mystery thing only to confide in me after the fact what they'd done. Like they'd walk into the room afterward and spin a wheel,..."Uh-oh, you've got CANCER!" or "Congratulations! You've got a tiny polyp!"

Who knows? So Jane is off for the week.
I wouldn't be surprised to learn she's in Thailand on a beach.

Sunny came at me with a sing-song "I'm sorrrrryyyYYY!" and a "ha ha ha ha ha!"
I wanted to grab her by the back of the head and force all her "ha's" back down her throat.
"I'll HA you off the end of my foot."

I spent the rest of the day angry but calm. At the end of the last class I gave out my presents and vamoosed outta there.

I ended up early Christmas morn (like just after midnight) on the plastic chairs outside a convenience store feeding a couple homeless folks some ramen and oden and Jeju orange cakes. Excuse my fat lens smudging finger.
The lady was all shy, refusing to eat. I kept encouraging her, "C'mon woman! It's GOOD!" I was happy that after her small cup of noodles she asked for more.

My outside dogs had just eaten a full 10 pack of giant sausage, and these homeless "cow" cats gulped up the remains of the oden (fish cakes) my human friends couldn't finish. Photobucket

While my friends settled themselves outside in the chairs and I went into buy something warm and yummy for them, (and a couple of cold ones) the clerk asked who they were. I said, "They're my friends."
He replied, "You've got some bad friends."

I told him to shut up.
It was Christmas.


rwellor said...


the "Untied Way" at its greatest.

you rock..

oh.. Untied Way comes from here..


Michael said...

I had a very quiet Christmas as well.

I got your card yesterday : -) Put a BIG smile on my face!!!!!