Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Puppy Dog Tales

Remember the new puppy?
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He's getting bigger!
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So cute, and he's all waggy tail and puppy teeth when I stop to pet him on the way to work. My outside dogs, Buddy and Circle gay are always hanging around puppy's yard and they follow me to school little lamb style. Puppy cries so much when we're walking away, though, that it makes we wish I could arrange to meet the outside dogs on an alternate route.

Today was made worse by the fact that I'd followed a link from Dooce and sat bawling before I left the house while I watched this video.
Bring a tissue.
Throughout the day, every time I thought of the line "but they were treasures to me," I felt my eyes go all weepy. Jane called me a faucet. I prefer the term "sappy mess."


Mosaic Cats said...

Well, we are not going to watch the video and we are very sad about that darling puppy. We were sad when we first saw it on your blog, with a bit about the story.
ML and Dawg found two neighbor pit bulls on chains last week, out in the yard, where they live in tiny dog houses, with dirty old bowls. It ruined her whole day.
People suck.

Bohemian in Korea said...

Often we anthropromophize our pets but in real life they become somewhat a part of us all.
It's no less emotional for most of us than the death of a human friend.