Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Learned Me Something New

Hey! Remember when I made some "mock ricotta?" I was reading a blog that I really enjoy - RunJenRun, and in her latest post she talks about making cheese. Paneer, to be specific. And you know what? That's pretty much the same recipe and technique I used to make fake ricotta!

I googled "paneer recipe" and found out that indeed, what I'd made (and have made a couple more times since) was paneer! Here's a recipe! I skipped the pressing of the cheese, so mine did come out more ricotta-ish - than, say feta-ish. I still can't find cheesecloth, so I ended up cutting up a clean yellow T-shirt I bought last summer and never wore. Next time, I'm going to try squishing the hell out of it and see if I like that better. The paneer recipe site suggests crumbling it up over a curry - which I think I'll try sometime soon.

Now you should go visit Charles over at Liminality now and read about his lastest adventures in producing the world's best baguette!


It's Me, Maven... said...

Yep! If you press the curds and let it sit... that's paneer! And if you press the curds, cut them and immerse them in a warm bath of salt water and try stretching it, that's mozzerella. I need to make this stuff!!

sher said...

Oh yeah!! One of the classic Indian dishes is paneer cut in cubes and served in a curry. Yumm!! It's wonderful!