Monday, April 02, 2007

What's Up, Doc?

As for my Saturday visit to Dr. Demento regarding my gauzepit, it wasn't nearly as bad as Friday. I walked into the doctor's office and greeted him in Korean with a, "Hello, Dr. Scary!" Luckily this time there was no scalpel involved, praise Allah. I whimpered a few times, but didn't cry. Holy crap - the gauze they pulled out that was stuffed into my armpit smelt BAD!

So they re-stuffed my pit, covered it all with a mass of gauze pads and taped me all up. It's been driving me squirelly all day. It itches. I think the tape is really irritating my skin. I'm trying very hard not to just yank it off, but I'm scared to see what's under there, and I'm worried I'll puke if I have to pull out my stuffing myself.

On top of that, I cought a cold. I'm pretty sure I know who gave it to me too: the sixth grader who sat beside me in my six o'clock class on Friday. He had a wicked cold, which I didn't realize until the sneezed full force in my face. Now I've got a fever and cough and a head full of guck.

Surely the yellow dust that was clogging the air today isn't helping any either. It was the worst that I've ever seen it down here. It felt good, though, to not have anything to do today other than rest. And claw at my underarm. Whine bitch moan.

Cheers! Clink my cup of Neo-Citrine and let's toast to a better week! I hope you're all feeling well.

I couldn't stand it - I pulled the bandage off. Want to see it? It's gross...and I found a surprise inside. A leech!
No, it wasn't a leech. But guess what was in me?
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A rubber band?
Gauze and some sort of rubber band thing. What IS that?!?!
It was stuffed in the hole in my armpit.
Lucky for me, my cold has knocked out my senses of taste and smell. (Not that I would have tasted it anyhow.) Ewww! Has anyone ever seen this rubber wound stuffing thing, or is it back from Yonder Days of Ye Olde Witchdoctor? Ew!

I forgot to update. I asked my boss to ask the doc what was up with the rubber band. It was a drain of sorts and was stuck into my pit in two places to draw the pussy demons out and to prevent the insicions from closing up. Still, ewwww!


Gigha said...

Ouch!! I have e-mailed you about this.

whaleshaman said...

i think it's a drain -- it helps your wound heal from the bottom up.

should it be out??

eeuuwwww, is right.

Kitikata-san said...

Oh that is gross! Yucky! I think that you need to find a new doctor!

Nomad said...

Well, no dinner necessary for me tonight after seeing that.

WTF is that rubber thing? let us know if you ever do find out. Oh, and hope your cold gets better.

thebookmistress said...

That is well gross!

mom talk

Don't pull of the gauze! It's there to protect you from further infection.

/mom talk

sher said...

Yikes--but I think Whaleshaman may be right.

Katie said...

That looks like it wasn't very comfortable at all! I hope it was supposed to be there and I hope you're feeling better! *hug*

It's Me, Maven... said...

How is your pit doing today?