Sunday, April 15, 2007

WCB - 97 Us Two

Kamikaze and I spent a lot of time in bed today, alternately napping and taking each other's picture. Well, I took most of the pictures really. He played with the camera strap.
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I think if his eyes were open just a little bit rounder, he'd look like an owl.

I squish his head!
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You know what I find interesting and endearing? There are over six billion people on Earth, but there is only ONE person who Kamikaze will tolerate cuddling and kissing and snuggling up to nap with from. ME. He's so shy otherwise, and will get all scared if the doorbell rings, or someone else is in the apartment. I'll usually hoist him up on the bed behind some pillows where he can survery the intruder but still remain invisible. Because a stack of pillows makes you invisible. You knew that right? And yet, Kamikaze totally trusts me. He lays on the bath mat outside the bathroom door while I take a shower and he knows I won't turn the shower nozzle toward him, even as a joke. (Water is the second most evil thing on earth, next to strangers.) He's patient while I arrange him into a suitable spooning position before bed, and he's even gotten used to my need to hold his paw all the time.

I love animals, but I love this one more than anything.

Now if I could only train him to clean the apartment or play with my hair before I fall asleep, I would marry him.

Anyhow. AHEM*!
Speaking of owls, have you seen this video of an owl that turns into a cat?

This weekend's WCB event is being hosted for the first time by Puddy and Kate over at A Byootaful Life! Good job! Now scoot on over there and check out the other kitties!


sher said...

LOL!! I loved those pictures! You two are obviously made for each other. I wish I could cuddle Kami some day. And meet you!

Bonnie Loves Cats =^..^= said...

I was away from Blogging for Lent because I am addicted to it.
I am so happy to be able to see Kamikaze again, and he looks to be even bigger than before. I love it.
This week's WCB #99 is being hosted by s'kat and the food at
I am just now returning to WCB and have really missed you and Sher/Upsie.
Bonnie in Virginia