Sunday, April 01, 2007

Treats in the Mail

I got a couple packages in the mail from my kind friend Eva who lives in Belgium. As usual, my co-workers were all excited about me getting mail. The package was waiting on my desk when I came to work, and I was urged to open it before I even had my jacket off.

Ah - what a lovely package filled with goodness. Look at them:
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I got a book in a seperate package. "Falling," is by Elizabeth Jane Howard, and it looks like it's going to be a good read! I can't wait to get into it. Here we have some hot chocolate - regular and bubbly minty Aero bar packets! We've got Walker's oat and cranberry cookies, (yum) some gourmet jelly beans, (the popcorn ones are really cool) A lovely orange and dark chocolate bar, some skittles and sour bomb candies, and some Daim! That stuff was sooooo good! It reminds me of Skor bars. Eva tells me they come as ice cream or frozen cake in Belgium. Yum! Not pictured is a Curly Wurly bar. Jane asked if she could open it - while she was opening it - and she diviied it up. I like her, but she's shameless.

Most of the goodies in this picture I shared. I like sharing. I laughed my ass off at the faces the kids pulled eating those sour fizzy bombs. All the kids in the 1st two hours of classes enjoyed one.

Such a great present, eh? But wait! There's more! These things are MINE! (ALL MINE! Most precious!)
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Meat - glorious meat! Yumyumyumyum. Eva usualy sends some elk or moose sausage, and I did get some this time too! Two packages!
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But I also got some little chorizo sausages, a pocket salami, and some very special looking Boizet pur porc saucisson. And oh! Macaroni and cheese! A staple of the Canadian diet! Awesome! In the foreground are traditional candies I'm thinking. Most unusual - a combination of salty and a little sweet. Very interesting.

Now please go back up and look at the second picture. See the brown box at the top? "Open it!" Jane insisted. I did. "Oooooohhh!" we all sighed. Pretty, pretty chocolates. As Jane's hand reached out I snapped the box folds closed. "Nope! These are MINE!" I tucked them safely into my bag. Mine mine mine.

They were heavenly. I wondered if they were made up on a cloud somewhere by little cherubs. Eva told me, though, "The chocolate is from my favourite chocolatiere - they are handmade by a guy in the Belgian countryside. Ha has a shop near my work since about a year." She says every now and again she spoils herself with a box. And now she's spoiled me!

I love everything you sent, Eva. You're too much! Now I've started to ready a box to send back to Eva. If any of you folks in Korea have some suggestion of something interesting and delicious I could pick up, please let me know!

Over Christmas and the New Year, she did some travelling in Thailand and Cambodia. She's got some really great photos on her site. Click on the photos to biggify them. I especially loved the giant rooty trees! Thank you Eva, (and my students and co-workers thank you as well) you really made my week!


Wrenchbender said...

Heck, make friends with one of us USFK types and we can send all the Kraft Dinner (remembered that from my summers as a kid in Canada) you want.

Jelly said...

Are you a USFK type? Want to be my friend? I need some neo-citrine! I'll trade you for some spaghetti sauce!

Wrenchbender said...

Jelly, What in hades is Neo-Citrine? I'll look for it in the commisary. Email me your Korean address and I can send it post to you.