Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Face Spider

Look at this beast! He's got a face - other than his real face - on him. Two-faced. See that buggy thing below him? Two-faced Spider is about to have him some lunch.
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Mmmmm! Buggy!
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This was on my way to work. These spiders look scary to me. They look scary, and their colourful angry "faces" look scary! Don't you think?

Here's another one, just a few steps away. Surely it's of the same species. The "face" is still scary,...but different!
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It's hard, I know, to get a sense of the size of these beasts. Let me assure you,...it's hard to get a SHOT of them! Their webs are waving in the breeze, and up in the bushes beyond a four foot wall that holds the mountain from collapsing into the road. So let me say these spider's nests are BIG! They're more than a foot long up and down.

I'm glad they're nesting in the mountain greenery. If I woke up with one on me, rest assured I'd freak out and go crazy batting it off me. And then I'd have a heart attack and die.


Nomad said...

The Banana spiders over here are tiny, compared to Okinawa. There, they grow to 4, 5 inches in diameter and their webs are huge. Our house was 10 feet from the jungle and every morning, part of my ritual was to go out back, turn on the garden hose and blast the spiders that were building their webs too close to the house. I don't know if this is myth or not because I never witnessed it, but I was told that the banana spiders on Okinawa even eat birds when they get caught in their webs.

Diana said...

Man, I've seen some crazy spiders here. I've been told the dark blue ones are poisonous. I don't know... they all would give me a heart attack if found in areas my head or other body part are likely to be.

Aria said...

eeeeeeeeeeeeeek!! omg i'd faint!

It's Me...Maven said...

THat's some creepy shit!!!