Saturday, November 03, 2007

New Puppy

The family that owns Circle Gay got a new puppy they have chained up outside their back door.
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It ticks me off. Circle Gay is still a puppy, pretty much. They're neglecting him fabulously. Why do they need a new dog? So he can run in the streets, matted and dirty and tick infested? Or are they going to keep this beautiful dog chained forever,...ensuring a surge of rage on my part every time I pass by? I wish I knew how to teach someone to love their pet.
Oh, and I haven't mentioned it, but Crying Sleepy Kitten is out on the street once again. Mom said the kitten "ran away," which is absolutely code for "I shoved kitty out the door." Poor thing. A week or so of comfort and food - and maybe getting used to humans. That last fact isn't going to do her any favours here.


Zazzy said...

I really, really have issues with people who don't care for their animals. We have a neighbor that leaves her cats out all the time then cries when one is eaten by the local wildlife or run over. A friend of mine adopted a cat that was always at her house and it's "real" owners didn't even notice it was gone for a couple weeks. I don't know why people have pets when they don't pay attention to them, mistreat them, or let them run.

KirkK said...

Now this is just not right.......

Some people have no idea what being a pet owner is all about.