Thursday, August 25, 2005

Hello Again, Hello.

I know it seems impossible, but the only logical explanation of what happened to my computer is that it caught my ebola, and its insides liquefied. Right?!? So, I went more than 5 days without access at my house. I don't have enough time at work to do much more than check my e-mails, and not even reply to them. (Not that junk necessitates a reply, but still!)

So Mister Computer Man came to my house Tuesday evening and tried to turn on my PC and tsk tsk'd and then muttered something in Korean (that sure sounded like "ebola") and unplugged everything and took it away. I trusted he was far more skilled than I, as he didn't turn it on and off 500 times like I had on Sunday before figuring out it was kaput.

He returned with my computer tonight, and lo and behold, here I am back online! I got Windows loaded in English this time around, so I may not be as utterly useless as I have been. I lost everything that was stored before, favourite links and pictures and the like. No real worries, a lot of my photos are in e-mail attachments or on photobucket, so all is well.

It was very quiet at my apartment, and I lost count of the number of times I went to turn on the computer, only to remember it wasn't there. It's amazing how many times my mind comes up with a request for some kind of information that I only have to push a few buttons to satisfy. It got me wondering what people used to DO with themselves before the internet?! I know what I was up to, I was busy being a kid. What did the adults do? Like, talk to one another? Face to face? Really!!???

I have to say, 5 days without the computer left me feeling pretty lonely. I have to think more about that, too, as I don't think it's good to have a social life that only involves children trying to climb me. It might be time to seriously consider hitting the road again.

Anyhow. Speaking of kids, I actually convinced a class of eight 10 and 11 year olds that this animal:
Image hosted by
lives in Canada. I drew it on the board and labeled it "Bearmonkeychickenbird." I told them there were many many of them in Canada, that they were very slow, and very very delicious. The kids had a lot of questions about this creature. I told them we don't cook the bearmonkeychickenbird, we sneak up on it, pounce, rip it's head off, and eat it. I circled the head of the creature I'd drawn on the board and said "delicious!" in English and Korean, and then circled the rest of it and said "not delicious."

The kids said "really?" and the Korean equivalent "jinja?" about 200 times, to which I replied absolutely straightfaced, "yes."

There is also a couple dozen small children in Japan who think Canadians and Americans have only four toes. The slippers I used to wear at work hid my baby toes, so the kids could only count four digits on each of my feet. I told them that was normal and acted all shocked that they all had 5 toes. "Do your mother and father have 5 toes too?" I would ask all wide eyed! Really!!!

Kids are fun.


Anonymous said...

Oh misleading the masses. That's a fun game with my children's classes. I had one class convinced I was a little fat because I was an angel and I had to store my wings in my chest cavity. It's no wonder they grow up to be disbelieving and cynical with us telling lies all the time. :)


hardyandtiny said...


I lived just outside of Manahattan so there were many things to do. I went to a lot of concerts and also bars with live music. Also went to the movies a lot. I cooked less and ate out more. I would actually sit in a pizza shop, eat my slice of pizza, read the newspaper, talk to my friend and watch the NY Yankee game on some tiny little TV that was up in one corner of the shop. Of course there were the local Irish American which were good for a laugh but too expensive to go every night unless of course you had a union job, but then you developed a beer belly before the age of 30. Played basketball for a city league one or two nights a week. We also had outdoor b-ball games in the summertime as well as softball every weekend. Had a girlfriend, sometimes we stayed home, watched TV, played board games, had sex, had fights, etc.. I walked my dog every night up on the hillview resevoir.

and a whole bunch of other stuff I can't remember. oh yeah, the beach in summeritme and ice skating at night in the winter.

played cards...

man, I wish I could walk down to that pizza shop right now.

hardyandtiny said...

correction: Irish American BARS

Kevin said...

Jelly, consider yourself blessed. Hardyandtiny never leaves substantive comments on MY blog, damn his eyes.


Kevin said...

By the way, this post had me rolling.


hardyandtiny said...

"If you drive on a parkway why don't they make the whole plane out of that?"

Do you think the remote would work from the bathroom if I used a mirror?

Kevin, 1 and 2 are the same concept.

vp1 said...

I have nothing to say at this time.