Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I Need Cheese with my Whine

I'm going to bitch and whine. Turn away while you still can.

I wasn't very nice today. I still didn't feel extremely well, even though the fever's gone. I slept ALL DAY Sunday, and most of the day Monday. Going back to work irritated me, because it was going to mess with my required 14-16 hours of sleep. I had a piercing corkscrew kind of headache behind my left eye and back into my poor brain. My muscles still ache, and so I went to the doctor before work for another couple days of medicine and another ass-injection. My mother pointed out that in Canada, a doctor would have probably taken a blood test by now. I've been away so long, I hadn't even thought of that. I was almost late for work, arriving just as the first bell was going off, impressing no one (myself included.)

It was HOT today, and I sweated, without stopping, from the time I left my apartment until I arrived home and sat under a combination of blasting fan and air conditioner. Sick.

I yelled at my co-workers. Well, not yelled, but I guess the volume - to my sensitive head, sounded like yelling. I was pretty annoyed though. I'm an asshole. I know maybe it's petty, but I was disappointed NO ONE called me to see if I was okay over the weekend. They're not obliged to but it would have made me feel better. That's not what I didn't-yell about, though. I just got snappish after an ice cube tray I had just filled fell out of the freezer (which is in dire need of a defrost, it's like one block of snow with a tiny slot to hold a tray) with one minute before the bell rang for class. My co-workers sat there eating ice cream and watched me blankly as I scrambled to mop up the floor. I thanked them for being so helpful.

I don't know why I bothered with the ice, the school's water machine has been spitting out only warm and hot water on and off for 2 weeks. Today, the hottest day thus far, was one of those days. Whatever bug I had has left me thoroughly dehydrated, so I sucked on warm water while sweating in wet slippers.

Anyhow. I'm going to put this miserable day behind me and try to get my bloody act together for tomorrow. Off to sleep.

Oh, good news, looks like the block has been lifted. Good.

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