Thursday, August 11, 2005


Last night, a snake slithered alongside me for about 5 minutes on my way home. Seems we were headed in the same direction. I asked him what sort of snake he was, but he didn't respond. I asked him if he was at all dangerous, and he didn't attack me, so maybe that was a non-verbal "no." I wondered if it was auspicious to walk along with a snake. I hoped so.

Now, I'm thinking maybe NOT.

The moment I left my apartment this morning it started to rain, and I was running too late to climb back up the four stories to get my umbrella. On the way, I saw a cute puppy ahead who sometimes lets me pet him. He was lying on the side of the road in the rain. I noticed he wasn't breathing just as I saw his tongue lolling out of his mouth and his eyes glazed over.

I should have turned around and went home, but I couldn't.

The three advil I took in the morning battled my crazy-achey lower back and LOST, and as they wore off, that ache spread to every muscle in my body. By my 5:00 o'clock class I was shivering, but radiating heat like the sun.

I remembered yesterday, when one of my students sitting beside me was being a smart-ass and over-emphasized his "T" when I corrected him. He spat all over my face, and right in my eye.

Obviously we can come to the logical assumption I now have either spinal meningitis, or ebola. I think I can feel my insides liquefying, and I expect to start bleeding from my eyes and ears shortly.

If ever a snake slithers up to "walk" with you, run away and take some vitamin C.


*Edit: (10:21)I just took my temperature. It's 39.1C (102.4F.) Yep, definite liquification going on!


Kevin said...

Ugh. What a day. I hope you get better soon.


vp1 said...

If you die, can have all your stuff?

Hope you feel better.