Thursday, August 04, 2005

Yep, I'm fairly BLAH!

I intended to post something tonight. And I suppose I AM posting something. But not too much. I'm still decompressing from being on vacation. For whatever reason, while I was absent, my life here seemed a million miles away and I wasn't really thinking too much about it. Or I wasn't "feeling" it. I did constantly compare Japan to Korea. Most comparisons were more "logos" based than "pathos" oriented. Just like, "here is like this, whereas there is like that." I'll go into details soon when I feel more chatty.

I met, on the hydrofoil back, a woman who was on her visa run after having only been living and working in Korea 2 weeks. She was positively ranty about everything, and already had her mind on a runner after she gets her first pay. She was enthralled by her short visit to Fukuoka, and pumped me for information on what it's like to live there. As a good balance to her heavy negativity, there was also a nice fellow who has lived in both places, and agreed that Japan is excellent (and expensive) but also told me happily how he now lives in Seoul and loves it! Yin and Yang on a boat.

My life is yin and yang anyhow. I am constantly overjoyed and saddened. Interested and bored. Encouraged and dismayed. I guess that's the way it goes with everyone? An old 'Talk Talk' song runs through my head while in these funks: "Baby, life's what you make it, celebrate it, anticipate it, yesterday's faded, nothing can change it, life's what you make it!"

I guess, maybe, nothing CAN change the past. But if one changes their perceptions about what happened, say, yesterday,...then I guess they've changed their present thought about the past, rather than the actual past? (Of course, dumbass!) I'm talking circles because I'm tired.

For now, I'll spare the details on everything else. I'd like to share a couple of photos I took while away when I write about it, but I'm waiting for them to be e-mailed to me.

Meanwhile, behold my beast who survived my absence with only a massive (intentional?) crap on the rug, and a not so massive (but DEFINITELY intentional) piss in the middle of the bed. I think it was a territorial pee of defiance. The girls who came to feed him set up camp on my (*ahem* HIS) bed to watch some telly and eat some snacks. Kamikaze sure showed them who's boss! "Here - sit in my urine next time!" Check out the "nippleage!"

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Kimchihead said...

That's one fat cat! :D

Kevin said...

Your cat is like a huge, hairy crotch-- a walking, meowing 70s porno film.


RagDoll said...

WOW. I think Kamikaze is related to the cat that scared the crapout of me on an ambulance call I once ran. I thought the cat was an ottoman.

Ruby said...

Wow, he's a BIG boy! But oh so cute.

Mona said...

What a cutie. I agree with everyone, he's got a lot to pet.

Jelly said...

He DOES have a lot to pet, and brush!! I can usually brush a mini-cat out of him everytime I groom him. What I think is really cool is he lets me brush his fur backwards. I've never had another cat who would tolerate that! I imagine when I finally brush his fur in the right direction in must feel SO GOOD he puts up with it, though.

Girl in Progress said...

He's tooo cute though..