Friday, February 17, 2006

BBM4 More Presents in the Mail!

I got my package for BBM4 from the talented Santos, over at The Scent of Green Bananas. Check out her wonderful blog, but be warned, if you go there hungry, it's going to make you even hungrier. She's in Guam! How cool is that? Where is Guam?
Oh, here it is!
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I know of Guam. I heard a lot of talk about it while I was living in Japan. The overwhelming consensus was "we should GO THERE!" and if you need any more convincing of that, please visit the 'visit Guam' website. It looks niiiiice.
And speaking of niiiiiice, check out the goodies I got in my BBM4 package:
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Santos was so thoughtful, and had a look around my blog and found out what it was I was jonesing for! Hence, I got some ROCKIN' Parmesan cheese. 2 year old cheese. Delicious cheese. And some dry salami with green peppercorns. Outstanding!

I didn't mention this, but upon returning from Japan, I filled out my customs card truthfully and fessed up that I had MEAT in my luggage, 2 things of salami, and a vaccuum sealed package of pastrami. The last time I came through (in August) I answered truthfully about possession of meat (that time, it was bratwurst) and was let through, no problem. Now I'm thinking the customs dude didn't really look at my customs card, because this time I got pulled over and my goods were confiscated. *SOB!* I argued a little bit, saying "I'm going to go home and EAT this! What's the big deal?" But, no go. I would have been able to eat everything right there in front of Mean Mister Customs, but, like, that would've been weird.

So I celebrated when I saw my salami! Happy day!

I also got some little bite sized Macadamia and choco-chip cookies, and 3 packages of various delicious chocolate covered McAdams. They were so delicious, 2 of them leapt right from the box into my mouth and didn't make it to be photographed! I also got a can of Butter Crack Cocaine Glazed Macadamias. WHOOPS!!!! I mean Butter Candy Glazed Macadamias!

I've heard crack cocaine is so dangerous because it's so terribly addictive. One can become addicted with the 1st hit. It's the same sort of thing with these candy-nuts. Unbelievable. If you can, go get yourself some Mauna Loa brand macadamias, but don't say I didn't warn you. You'll be a macadamioholic.

Finally, I got some fancy fancy tea. It is exquisite. Look at it...
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I've never seen tea like it! It's in a silky pyramid shaped bag. Two of my co-workers, when I showed them the tea, said "Oh! Can I have one?" I said "Sure!" I love exposing my friends here to new tastes.

Turns out, the bags are so pretty they want to hang them from the rear-view mirrors in their cars! They like the smell! Ok.

Anyhow, many thanks to Santos. I LOVE my package, and really appreciate all the thought you put into it. Oh, I should mention, because BBM4 is a music-themed exchange, Santos was kind enough to include a CD with 80's and modern tunes she likes. I haven't listened to it yet, but will this weekend as I read my book and sip a good cup of tea. Thank you, Santos!

For more information on BBM4, check out the round-up over at The Food Ninja's site.


Santos said...

hi jelly! i'm glad you got the package. i was sweatin' it a bit because everything else i sent that day reached their respective corners of the world....i hope you enjoy some of the music and i'm glad you're enjoying the food!

patrick said...

There's an unwritten blog code... you gotta share your goodies.

Jelly said...

Thank you again Santos! I love my package. I even went out and bought a teapot for the tea, because it deserves it. I saw you're getting on a plane on your blog. Where are you going?

Gia-Gina said...

I die for the chamorro chip cookies, my fave is the one with crushed macadamia nuts. I love Santos' blog too.