Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Books and Movies

I've been lost in books lately.
I never did get any of the books my bookstore was happy to order for me. they ended up calling the school a couple days after I got so excited when they said "Sure! We can get your books fer ya, Missy!" and they clarified, "No, we cannot get anything fer ya, SUCKA!"
So sad.
My uuber Catholic co-worker was interested in obtaining an English Bible, so I helped her find one on Amazon. She ended up getting the "Catholic Youth Bible," and says its very difficult. I agreed, the Bible is a tough read, but leafing through her version I thought it was fairly cool, and included little "fun facts" and trivia. Kind of like the "Pop-Up Video" version of the Good Book. I guess you have to make things catchy for the youth of today, what with their nano-second attention spans!

Anyhow, I tagged along on her order, and a couple books were delivered to me about a week and a half ago. Here they are lying on my desk.
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And there's a lollipop there as well. And some batteries.

I'm almost finished James Frey's A Million Little Pieces. I like it. You've probably heard about all the controversy. Oprah picked this book as one of her Book Club selections. It was published as a memoir by the author about his stint in drug rehab, but it turns out he fabricated and embellished quite a few of the details, as noted here, on The Smoking Gun website.

I don't really care about all that. It's a good read. Dark and chilling, and I'm going to pick up his other "memoir," My Friend Leonard when I get a chance.

I should be finished Frey's book tomorrow, and maybe will write something about it (but probably won't) and then I'm going to read David Sedaris's Me talk Pretty One Day.

I could use a week on a beach doing nothing but reading, as I've got a massive stack to get through.

When I haven't been reading, I've been watching a few movies. Last week was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Tim Burton is on DRUGS, right? The Oomaploopa(s) creeped the hell out of me, as did Johnny Depp's "Michael Jacksonish on thorazine" performance. I probably would have liked this movie a whole lot better if I was high.

Last night I watched a film I'd never even heard of before, Broken Flowers. Directed by Jim Jarmusch who was just probably on drugs, it starred Bill Murray, and it was OK. It was one of those movies, though, that you might watch and think "I don't get it," as the closing credits roll. It's a quiet film, and a lot of time is spent with the camera following the scenery out of a car window and through the car's side view mirror. Perhaps there's some deep message there about traveling forward while focusing on the past. Surely there's lots of symbolism and depth in this movie, but I'm fairly two-dimensional, so I'm all, like, "HUH?"

Tonight's selection will surely be a lot easier to grasp. Fever Pitch, (which is named "The Perfect Catch" here in Korea for some reason) stars Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon and is directed by The Farrelly Brothers. They're probably on drugs as well, but it's just high-grade weed, compared to Tin Burton's LSD and Jarmusch's smack.

And them's the facts, Jack.

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