Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Today, my co-worker told me that over the weekend she had seen a guy and a girl, who looked young enough to be in high school, standing on the street cuddling. Like, with their arms around each other. In the daytime. With the sun shining on them.

She told me this with a look on her face as if she were telling me she had witnessed them holding hands while taking a dump on the street. With the sun shining on them.

She told me she was shocked. I told her I was a little shocked at her being shocked.

I wonder, when she tells me things like this, like the time she saw some Korean woman kiss a black man in a cafeteria (!) what sort of reaction she expects from me? I wonder if she expects me to commiserate, and if so, I wonder if she's really gotten to know me at all over the last 20 months I've been here. I wonder if she's telling me these things in an attempt to remind me what a fine upstanding decent person she is.

I don't know, but it reminded me of the same reaction I had way back in the "dark ages" when Dan Quayle described Candice Bergen's character "Murphy Brown" as being a poor role model for young women. (Sorry to bring up such a dated reference, but it's what immediately popped into my mind. Or rather, perhaps my eyes rolled back so far in my cranium (just as they did back then) that they actually saw the portion of my brain storing the early nineties.)

I recently read that gays and lesbians in Canada are rushing to the altar to marry, because they fear the new Conservative government will reverse the legalization of same-sex marriages. For real?

Feel free to explain to me what the deal is, why gays and lesbians shouldn't have the right to have their unions recognized under the law. Convince me that they shouldn't, and I'll buy you a beer. Hell, I'll buy you a porsche.

I don't get into politics too much. I think I heard about the Canadian election the weekend before it happened. I would have voted if I were there (against Harper) but I didn't. However, hearing all this somehow reminded me of watching the Toronto's Caribana Parade (so fun!) but seems to be going in reverse as it's all one step forward, two steps back.

I miss Toronto.

As for everything else, "C'mon peeps!" *clap, clap* let's get with the times!

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