Thursday, February 09, 2006


Earlier tonight, standing at a crosswalk waiting for the long light to turn green, I thought about how cold it was, as the wind ripped right through my fleecy zip up thing. A man and a woman, snuggling up together against the cold, squished between the lamp post and I so that they could stand directly in front of me. I mean, there was about 6 inches between my chest and the guys back. There was no one in the 12 or so feet of space on the other side of me.

He had his hands in his pants pockets, which made the split in the back of his plaid suit coat open in a wide "V." It was very "Hey! Look at my bum!"

I had a sudden urge to place my foot on his plaid ass and gently but firmly push him into oncoming traffic.

That'd learn him to buy some mittens and allow me my personal space!


hardyandtiny said...

serial killer coloring contest? haha!

John McCrarey said...

long time no post, Jenn (like I should talk). Is everything ok? Haven't seen any news reports of a crazed Canadian murdering pedistrians, so I am assuming you are not in prison...

Miss you!

captain_howdy_girl said...

lol you are evil! I love you