Friday, August 18, 2006

Back to Reality

Just in case I had any doubts about where I am, my boss quickly reminded me within moments of walking into school today.

"Hi! How was your vacation?"
"It was fantastic! How are you doing?"
"Good!" (noticing my suntan) "You got sun bon."
"Yah, a little bit. It was very sunny in Canada."
"Your face looks bad."
"Jesus, Karen!"
"No, I mean you look better before."
"Is it rude?"
(No! Not at all! I always like to greet people I meet with- "Hey! How ya doin'? Sheesh, you are quite a bit uglier than the last time I saw you! Did you fall down an ugly-hole or something?")
"Uhhhh, yah. Lil' bit!"


John McCrarey said...

Yeah, I hear all the time things about my beer belly. It's great to walk into a bar you haven't visited in a while and the first words out of the lovely barmaid's mouth is "you got fatter".

Can't they just love me for the gentle spirit trapped inside this fat old body? I'm thinking not.

Oh well, I try and keep my sense of humor about it all. Or I could lose some weight. Naw....

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you look gorgeous..absolutely gorgeous...

I should be in Masan in roughly 10 days...!!!!!!


humbleman said...

I think when Koreans make a remark on physical change, it's probably more to show some interest in the person they're commenting on, rather than to give negative opinions, withoiut realising they might be misunderstood.

8121949 said...

Hi, Christine from Canada, first time I comment on your blog; perhaps Karen meant "bad" in today's meaning of "really good"?

Jelly said...

Thanks for commenting guys. I didn't take my bosses' comment to heart. I know that many Korean women will go out of their way to avoid the sun- staying inside and using their "whitening" cosmetics. My other Korean friends who are better travelled commented my tan makes me look "healthy," which is the general consensus of Western sun seekers and tanning-bed enthusiasts. Unless you look like a "leather face," that is!
Christine, I remember you! Your son is over here! You've commented before! Welcome back!

Jelly said...

Oh, unless your face looks like this: of course. Then "Your face looks bad," is understandable.
I have to teach my teachers that to the Western ear, negative comments about ones appearance are really never welcome.
Like Thumper sagely advised in Bambi "If you can't say something nice, then keep your fuckin gob closed."

Jelly said...

Oh, and John- I'm SURE they love you-- who couldn't but love you?

Anonymous said...

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