Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Stats Gone Wild

A glance at my site meter tonight overwhelmed me! Hi there, visiting people. I was curious as to how I got linked from the Marmot's Hole and then I saw it was in the comments.
I'm not a penis expert, by any means. What was being referred to was a post from last month which the Nomad actually linked to, and the following post where I stupidly set about counting cats and penises for a week. Is the plural of penis "penii?"
See - what the hell do I know?


Anonymous said...

Penis = Great for many things

Penii = Great for driving web stats...


Nomad said...

"Penis expert"

You kill me.

Jelly said...


I stifled the urge to write "I'm by no means a "penis expert," but I play one in Korea.