Thursday, August 31, 2006


I just got propositioned at the PC Bang. When I came out of a stall of the unisex bathroom a skinny long haired fellow was waiting for me. As I washed my hands, he asked me how old I was, if I had a boyfriend, and how long I've been in Korea. For you ladies new to Korea (and guys too, I suppose) these are standard questions when first meeting. The do you have a boyfriend (girlfriend) goes like "namja (yoja)-chingu isseyo? Or the simpler "honja?" (Are you alone - or do you live alone?)

Skinny man stepped aside to let me exit, but then grabbed my wrist to pull me back in. I shook myself free.

Also, for you women new to the ROK, being asked if you're Russian (which I have been asked three times in the last week) is just about the same as being asked, "Are you a hooker?" It's onomatopoeia - "Loo-sey-ah?" Seriously, no offence to the lovely ladies of Russia,'s just that HERE you lovely Russian ladies are often- well,...-

Later I'll post a couple pictures of unrelated things.
See how I distract you with shiny jangly keys?

**UPDATE: Skinny man wasn't dangerous. Before he left he came and dropped off a nice mocha chocco coffee drink at my station and walked away smiling at me kindly.

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baduk said...

I am glad that he did what he did afterwards. I don't think he was a bad sort. He just didn't know how to behave appropriately with a foreigner.