Saturday, August 26, 2006

In Canada - Food

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Mmmmm. Crystal Light is YUMMY! Oh I wish I could get this stuff in Korea! Oh I wish I had bought more than 3 packages of the stuff while I was in Canada! I only have nine liters of yummy goodness before it's gone. Right now I'm having a little Pink Lemonade Crystal Light over ice with soju. You can't even taste the soju, which I think is good. If you're drinking soju with some nice grilled meat- and especially with that salty bean paste and kimchi, it pairs wonderfully. But on it's own it's too harsh for me. With Crystal Light it's downright deelish!

One great thing about being back in Canada was the food. I thought about bringing kimchi back with me, because I thought it would be strange eating a meal without it, but I didn't want to seem like a big poser- whipping out a container of fermented spicy goodness while everyone around me wrinkled up their noses. As it was, I didn't miss it too much. There were only a couple of meals with grilled meat where I thought it would be nice to have some. Kimchi and rice are passionate lovers - and I didn't eat rice once back home, which is kind of a shame because I was really jonesing for some Bhasmati rice before I left Korea. Oh well. Next time. I did bring back a package of Uncle Ben's Garlic and Butter Rice, which I'll save for a meal that will include spinach salad.

I brought back 4 bags of Indian snacks.
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They're almost all gone, and I'm already plotting on how to get more. I think I'm going to send my brother some cash and ask him to stop by the little Indian grocers near his mother-in-law's place the next time he's there. His birthday present to me will be getting the stuff, packaging it, and going to the post office. That's not too much to ask, I reckon.

Otherwise, I think I ate about a container of cottage cheese per day I was home. I got a little sick of it by the end, so I think I satisfied my craving for the stuff for now. I ate smoked salmon cream cheese too, which is fabulous on thin toasted slices of Italian bread with alfalfa sprouts. And peameal (Canadian) bacon, which Laser Larry grilled to the consistency of shoe leather for one breakfast, but my uncle did it up perfectly days later. And other stuff, which I'll mention in posts coming soon.

Meanwhile, *sip, sip* Crystal Light on the rocks, rocks.


sher said...

LOL!!! This shows how you can take something for granted until you don't have it. Crystal Light! Yeah, I can see how you would miss it.

It's Me, Maven... said...

Email me a mailing addy... perhaps I'll surprise you with a spate o'CL.