Thursday, August 24, 2006


I went to a PC Bang last night and ended up falling asleep there for a couple hours amidst the sound of video game machine guns. Then I went and met my friends at their restaurant which wasn't too busy so they closed up a little early and suggested we drive over to the coast and watch the sunrise from this famous place for watching sunrises. They actually went there the other night with the people I was drinking with after they dropped me off at home because I was smashed and not making much sense.

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Here's a nice lighthouse that flashes out over the sea, keeping all the ships nice and safe.

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Here's a nice statue of a woman and her children who stand gazing out over the sea, enjoying the sun coming up every morning.

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Here's a grandma getting ready to start the day by watching the lovely sunrise.

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Here's my lovely friends watching me take their picture before we turned once again toward the sea to enjoy the 1st glimpse of the sun.

But OH NO! It's cloudy! The sun will rise, but it looked like we weren't going to be able to see it! What a drag! But then suddenly there was a sliver of light.
"THE SUN!" I exclaimed!
And there it was in all its spherical loveliness!

Only it was more of a rectangle.
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So we watched the sun for about a minute and a half before it disappeared behind the clouds that lurked just above the horizon. Then we piled back into the car. It's not a car my friends have, though. I guess it's more of an SUV. Whatever. We went to a nearby beach and ate instant ramen while watching these swimmers glide through the cold salty water at six in the morning. What pep! (No pictures of them, though. They were really just splashes in the water with snorkels sticking up.)

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This very sleepy dog woke up long enough to roll over and offer his belly for some petting before we got back in the SUV and went home. Even though I was kind of tired at work, it was nice to have greeted the day and the dogs under the rectangle of a sun.

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