Saturday, September 02, 2006


I promise to write more about today. It was kind of an odd day. We had speech contests at school and that was odd. Afterwards, I went out to dinner with the staff and that was odd. I stopped by at a WA BAR - mostly because I desperately had to use their facilities, and ended up writing all the reports I was given as "homework" for the weekend. Yay me. Then I cabbed it back home to me neighbourhood and popped by my friends' restaurant.

And volatile.

The same jack-off that was present the FIRST time I was there came and got seated at the table right beside me with his back to me. Apparently being an aggresive asshole wasn't a one time deal, as he did the same thing tonight: turning around and verbally assaulting me along with these aggressive punk "WHAT?" gestures.

Unfortunately, I've not grown as a human being, so after the second time I struck back with an English tirade about him "turning the fuck around and stop being an asshole."

The third time he turned around to be a dick I rolled my eyes up heavenward and stood up to leave.
"I hate this guy," I said, pointing at his face. "If I stay here," I said to my sweet friend, "I'm going to throw something at him. You don't want that, eh?"

No, my friends didnt want that. They urged me over to the PC Bang for a little while until my nemisis left. I now know the guy is a dick in Korean as well as a harrasser of the English. (So I was told.) His buddy with him looked embarrassed, but the two girls with them were as sour faced as their jerk friend.

As I walked past to leave, Jerk stood up and held his hands out, "I'm sorry," he said, in a tone that implied he wasn't sorry at all.
"I don'tuh know Englushee."

"Do you know this?" I asked, as I raised him my middle finger flag.

I was just going to type something akin to "I know, maybe I should be more tolerant,..blah blah blah,..." But, please!

Rude is rude wherever you go, and I strive to never be rude until someone calls it out. General rude I can handle, but rude directed right at me? Well, let's say I'm not so good at turning the other cheeck.

I suppose it's lucky I never signed on to be Jesus.


John McCrarey said...

Hmmm, interesting experience. Sounds like the dickhead who blocked my driveway. For what it's worth, only one bad apple amongst all the people you encounter is not so bad. (oh, I forgot about the jerk off, make that two)I think you showed amazing restraint as well. Giving the finger and leaving seems perfect.

Bonnie Loves Cats =^..^= said...

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Hope to hear from you soon.