Wednesday, September 20, 2006

What, Me Worry?

So contact was made with Elizabeth, and she said she was okay. I'm quite sure she's not, but I'm also quite sure that I am DONE. I even went so far as to stick a fork in myself, just to be sure-sure.

Yesterday I was worried, and pretty much shocked - but not entirely surprised. The signs were there. If the staffroom was a volcano, it was feeling like it was getting ready to blow one way or another. I'm actually glad it blew up like it did. Today was busy, everyone has to work more with one less body, but it was good natured. Cheerful, even. I realized that I was really relieved, for a change, to be headed to school.

It was difficult to work with Elizabeth. Dealing with her on a daily basis constantly made me feel like a failure. I never felt like I was kind enough or compassionate enough. Patient enough.
In the end, though, I resented her emotionally hijacking my work environment.

I can't really believe that things ended as they did. Liz managed to really stick it to my boss, and I feel bad, because the woman deserves better than that. My boss did end up calling her brother to let him know we were worried. Today when she told me that, and followed it with, "And now I don't want to talk about her anymore."
I looked right at her and jabbed the air with my finger, "Egg-ZACT-lee!"
I feel the same way. And so ends the saga of Elizabeth. She's persona non grata at my school, and she's no longer entitled to any of my mental energy. If I start to think about her, I'm going to conciously change my stream of thought, to think about Kevin getting eaten by a giant squirrel, or Rory giving himself a crazy haircut, or this cat.

Last words on Liz, though: I wish her peace.

So things are looking up. Ha! Judy and I have put in our order for a "HAPPY" teacher. Judy wants her to be young and pretty as well, and while I don't care about that, it couldn't hurt. It'll be good for the students too. Good for everyone.


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sher said...

Well, I can tell you from personal experience, squirrels are vegetarian--but they can scratch you really good with their claws. A giant squirrel would be scary!!!!!

OK, glad you have everthing all settled there at school. Right?