Thursday, September 14, 2006

Mmmmm, Intestines!

Last night I stopped by my friends' restaurant. I was hoping to get out of there early, just enjoying a meal with them and skeedaddling, but as is often the case, I got sucked into staying and drinking too much!

We actually ate a delicious meal of gochujang buldeji - which is pork, kimchi, and onions in a delicious spicy sauce. I tried to replicate this meal at home on Sunday and failed, though the concoction I cooked up (which included tofu as well) wasn't that bad at all. Just as dinner was finishing up, though, a woman I met months earlier came by and screamed with delight at meeting me again! She insisted we drink some soju, and since it's unheard of to drink soju without some kind of food, she ordered more meat. Only I'm not sure intestines are considered meat.

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Here they are, all gooey looking and plopped on the grill.

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They are actually tubes - as you can understand, and they grill up all tubular.

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Until you cut them down the middle, and then into bite sized slices.

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And you eat them with other stuff, in this case a bowl of bean sprout soup, some garlic and some bean paste, another bowl of special intestine sauce which I'm sure is bean-paste based, but includes spicy green peppers, evil sesame leaf (I hate the stuff) and peanuts. Oh, and a bowl of sliced onions with some kind of brown sweetish sauce and wasabi. Yummy.

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My friends' restaurant is very 'old school' - with rocks for a floor. I've watched men at other tables spit and drop bits of bones into the rocks. I guess they figure because it's not an actual floor, it's okay to be gross. My friend tells me they have a hell of a time cleaning up when someone pukes in the rocks. They've got to scoop them up into a bucket and wash them. Gross.

Pig intestines and puke. This is a charming post.

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My buddy, who really doesn't speak any English at all, was happy.
Then she was getting really upset, because she didn't seem to believe that I understood how much she loves me. I mean, she loves me. Really, really loves me. Berry Berry much lobuhs me.
I was laughing and told her I understood, but she was getting more and more agitated. I was kind of worried she was going to cry.

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But then she passed out.

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And the intestines were getting over-cooked because no one was eating them.

The Demonic OverLord Soju, and his Evil Henchmen Beer and Smokes.
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Oh, you wicked trio, what a headache you give me. You make me so tired and hungover. I don't love you. I berry berry hate you. Stop laughing, you asses. I'm serious!!


aria said...

hahaha! eeeew gross. no no no... how totally surreal, must be so neat living there!

baduk said...

They are cow intestines. The "contents" are washed away. Quite chewy.

Jelly said...

Hi Aria! Thanks for commenting!

You too, Baduk - but actually these were most definitely pig intestines. And chewy, yes.