Saturday, September 23, 2006

I'm Becoming One of Those People

I will finish writing about being back in Canada. Soon! One thing about being there which was cool but overwhelming, was the amount of choices I had in the way of television watching. What's there now, like, 756 channels? Sheesh! As it was, I ended up watching mostly episodes of Changing Rooms of TLC. Fun stuff.

At the cottage, though, where I was for 12 days, I watched a grand total of ZERO hours of television. Who needs TV when the sky is filled with stars that aren't blocked out by the lights of a city? There were kids visiting throughout my time there, and kids like TV, and their parents like that kids like TV if it means they can enjoy their beer in peace for a little while. The thing is, there was a slew of remote controls for the TV and the machines attached to the TV, and you need to perform some kind of sequential button pushing to get pictures and sound to appear on the screen. I think I was shown the combination about four times or more, but I couldn't remember it five minutes after. So if a child wanted to watch TV we had to find the one person (Uncle Dave) who knew how to get the thing working. Press this button, and that button, then on this remote control press this and this, clap your hands three times and do a little jig, then press the blue button on the grey remote. Six times. Viola. TV!
(It was satellite TV, hooked up through the DVD and stereo. Just so you don't think I'm an idiot and don't know how to turn a TV on. Everyone knows you buy it a couple drinks and tell it how pretty it is.)

But here's the situation at my apartment now!
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Oh yah, baby!

I went out Monday night and bought myself a birthday present. A new DVD player!
Ever since C. took his back after breaking up with me, I've been missing being able to watch DVDs. One cool thing is I can watch Korean movies, because I can see English subtitles. So I finally finished watching the fifth season of The West Wing, and now am jonesing for the sixth season. I also bought the first season of "Entourage," which I've never seen before but have heard good things about. It was 10 bucks, so why not?!

Thursday night I came home and flipped on the TV. For some reason, channels 16-21 don't come on right away. There's a blue screen which taunts me until these channels decide to kick in. I watch OnStyle all the time (channel 18) so the longer I have to wait for the signal to come in, the more impatient I get. I wanted to watch a show that was coming on at 9:30, (American Idol,...go ahead, judge me) and when at 9:40, after almost 30 minutes of being on, the channel still wasn't coming in, I decided to press every button on the remote control. And then on the TV. I even grabbed a toothpick to stick in the hole to press the button that's probably labeled "don't press this button, stupid!" in Korean.
I was rewarded with 78 channels of blue screen.
I rock!

So I read a book for about eight minutes before falling asleep for four hours!
Luckily, my friend came over and pressed a magical combination of buttons on various remotes which fixed everything.
She would get on well with my uncle!


sher said...

Yes, if you hit a certain button on my remote, the cable goes screwy. And I have a hard time remembering how to fix it. I love Changing Rooms. You mean the original British version right? I prefer that to the USA copycat, Trading Spaces. Love Lawrence on CR.

Jelly said...

Actually - I guess it was Trading Spaces that I was watching. I didn't even key into the fact it had a different name. Yes - I prefer CR as well - I got into it years ago when I was staying in Scotland.

Iceberg said...

Holy sh*t! Looking at that photo of your remotes, I can only come to one conclusion. You and I live in the same apartment. Where have you been hiding?

Jelly said...

Oh Iceberg, you cruel master. You know you keep me in a box stashed under the bed. You just commented here so everyone else knows it now too. Napun namja!

Iceberg said...

Yikes! I thought that was the box that I kept my socks with holes in. My bad.