Monday, September 18, 2006

Birthdays Rock

I surely won't feel as crappy as I'd have like to have felt tomorrow. I screwed myself by essentially shutting down the small quiet party I was at, in search of a louder more boisterous norebang experience. I didn't take into account I live in a tiny, sleepy, lame-ass town- which closes down early, especially on Sunday and even more so in a typhoon.

My friends had me blow the candles out on a huge bucket of Baskin Robbins ice cream, but I didn't get a bite out of it.

After they had dropped me off, so very early, and returned a few minutes later with a couple rolls of toilet paper and a present of Japanese noodles I'd forgotten at their shop, they caught me crying.

At this age, I suppose that's what you're supposed to be doing. Especially when it feels like much of what you're doing with your life is a waste of time.

**UPDATE: This post sounds so pissy! I should have mentioned I was crying because I got a sweet e-mail from one of my friends, and it made me weepy. I wasn't being a suck because I didn't get ice cream! Everything's cool. Life's good. And as it turns out, I DO feel fairly crappy this morning! So there ya go!~
Why does my blog font look so huge and blocky?


Bonnie Loves Cats =^..^= said...

Hi Jelly,
Please see my Blog Page.
Your Blogger friends love you.
Bonnie in Virginia

John McCrarey said...

Happy belated birthday, Jenn. Hell, I'm usually late with my parents b-days too, so its nothing personal. :)

Anyway, seems to me you might need to cut yourself some slack. As an outsider at least it appears to me you have led and are leading an interesting life. How many people your age have lived and worked overseas (two countries for you, right?)? I think it likely that you are touching many more people in meaningful ways that you realize.

Take heart! Often it is only in looking back that we understand how much we learned and grew from an experience. When you get to be MY age and you feel you wasted this time here, we can talk about it. Until then, BE HAPPY! You are a unique and wonderful person who is loved and respected. Name a better measure of success than that!

Nomad said...

Wow, looks like I'm late for another party and that's what I get for not reading the blogs on my own sidebar as often as I should.

Happy Birthday, Jenn!

And ditto on what John said.

baduk said...

Life is a marathon; you have to run uphill for a while to enjoy the downhill later.

Also, I am a Christian who met Jesus. I know in the end I will go to the place that He prepared for me and other good Christians.

I hope you give a serious consideration to what Bible says.

Sorry, about discussing a heavy subject. Happy Birthday.

Kirk said...

Happy B-Day - And many more.....

eva said...

Life is never a waste of time! The sun will be shining at you soon again!
Take care,