Wednesday, May 09, 2007


As I pulled my stiff, freshly cleaned towel off the drying rack on my balcony this morning, I chose to ignore my inner voice which suggested I just take a couple minutes and yank the rest of the laundry off. So when the skies opened up around seven o'clock I was kicking myself. It's been just pouring on an off since then. Monsoon time style. The weather's been nutty the past little while. Monday and Tuesday were downright summery. In the cab I took last night, the driver actually turned his air conditioning on! And I slept, later on, blanketless with the balcony door wide open. Now it's wooly sock and flannel PJ weather again.

I woke up earlier than the alarm this morning, and skipped off to work feeling pretty FINE. About four o'clock, though, I started feeling the urge to puke - and that's steadily increased over the past few hours. I've even gagged convincingly a few times. Now I'm going to lay myself down to sleep for awhile, and definitely NOT ignore my intuition which suggests I put a bucket beside my bed, lest I hurl all over my apartment while I'm sprinting for the bathroom.

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