Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Song for the Single

After our meal celebrating Teacher's Day, and after I wandered around awhile and ended up at a PC Bang (internet cafe) I discovered one of my earrings was missing. DAMN! I checked around and then decided to wait until the sun came up to retrace my steps. I didn't have to wait too long.

As I exited the PC Bang, a man in some factory uniform almost bumped into me. The men here are almost all in factory uniforms. I bristled at him a bit, no time for messing around, I was searching.

I came to the pavilion I had sat at a couple hours previously which overlooks the circular park flanked by a bandshell in my town. The man I'd snubbed was already sitting there, tightening his shoelaces. I looked all around on the ground for my earring, pretending he wasn't there. Just as I was about to give up, he reached down and plucked something up, holding it out for me. I accepted it, my earring, and thanked him happily.

Already across the street, I noticed I only had 4 out of 6 crystals in my hand, so I turned around. As I approached, he had his hand out, with the fifth crystal. I glanced down, and there, right before my eyes, was the sixth. As I took the crystal from his palm, I looked in his eyes. Amazingly, they were exactly like mine. Gold-brown. It's almost unheard of here. I clutched his hand, thanking him again, and looked into me, pretty much.

If you're single, download "I Believe" by Stevie Wonder. Jam your earphones so far in they might need to be surgically removed. Turn up your volume and listen. Then listen again. It's a whole head full of possibility. If Stevie belives, so do I. You should too.

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sher said...

I really liked reading that.