Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Jane, the manager, went home in tears half way through the day on Monday. She's tough as nails, and if she was in break-down mode it was plain to see things were screwed up. She was all crooked with her back in spasm. I empathized, because my back's gone out a couple times in the last few years. As cruel as it might sound, I appreciate the idea of those in charge understanding how incapacitating it is - how functioning is just simply not an option. Monday was interesting, with only two of us teachers trying to manage three classrooms per hour. It was noisy, but that wasn't unusual. I bought the 5 and 6 o'clock classes ice cream in the hopes of shutting them up. It's hard to talk when your mouth's filled with icy goodness. (And these frozen treats were between 35 and 60 cents (US) each,....what, am I back in the 60's?)

Jane was off today, bless her. It's kind of funny -- I swear, as I was switching from my running shoes to my sandals outside the school doors on Monday - I was cursing the fact I work with cyborgs, and they're never sick. And then a cyborg got sick. And she was sick again today.

Good. I hope she rests her cyborg self.

I spent an hour in negotiations with my boss after work. Tax and pension. It didn't go well. We both sug in our heels, but maybe it'll get better today. I wish I had someone to bounce ideas off who was on my side. My cheerleader. My advocate. I need a Mickey in my corner.

Boo hoo.


Bohemian in Korea said...

I'm not so good at advice but here's a "HUG" to start your day. And a second "HUG" to end it if you are reading this late.

Jelly said...

Thank you!

Kevin said...

I had a good chuckle at your Schadenfreude. If she was skeptical before, Jane will be far less skeptical of you in future.

Continued good luck with your tax and pension negotiations (it's a joke that negotiation is needed in the first place). I'm your cheerleader in spirit, but I hope you don't expect me to wear a pleated skirt and carry pom-poms.

On second thought, the sight of me in a pleated skirt might strike your classes dumb. Imagine the shocked silence as I walked in. A full minute of bliss.

Then the screaming would begin.


Jelly said...

Thank you, Kevin! That totally made me laugh at work today. I'd love to see your pom-poms!