Saturday, May 19, 2007

Me and the Taxi Driver

"What country from?"
"I'm from Canada!"
"What you job?"
"I'm an English teacher."
(In Korean) "Do you speak Korean?"
"Not very well at all. It's a difficult language!"
"You marry?"
"You boy-puhlendu habu?"
"Ahhhhhh. May I,.....uhhhhh, I want be with you. I want love."
"Ha!" (In Korean) "I'm very very tired. I should sleep now." Closing my eyes and sinking my head back into the seat.

Is Stevie Wonder some kind of jokester?


thebookmistress said...

Don't we all just want love?

Rich said...

At least he didn't beat around the bush about beating the bush. I'm certain that he'll beat his own bush later. Damn I kill me.