Sunday, July 15, 2007


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Kevin said...

A very happy-looking alien. That's not the sort of beast that speared poor Steve Irwin through the chest, is it?


Gigha said...

What a cool pic!
What kind of fishy creature is that?


Nunyo Bidness said...

Them're good eatin'. Very light and flaky like Dover Sole. It's a can also see them being tormented by Korean teenagers at COEX aquarium.

Jelly said...

Nunyo's right. That's the underbelly of one of those retarded looking flatfish that have their eyes skewed to one side of their head. As weird as they are, they're pretty yummy!

Jelly said...

I might be wrong - the silly flatfish I thought it was doesn't look like the "skate fish" I googled under "image."

Besides. It's not a fish. It's an alien. Bona-fide. From outerspace. Coming to give you a smiley "Hey there!"

It's Me... Maven said...

I wonder how it would taste in a piquant soy, ginger, chile sauce?