Sunday, July 08, 2007


I woke up hungry. At 3 o'clock. Because I didn't go to sleep until after 9 a.m. Damned West Wing! But oh, it's such a good show. Rather, it was. And its kind of curious that I love it so much, because I actually don't care that much about politics. But I love the characters, and I love the actors that make the characters so awesome. Most of all, I love the writers that make the actors make their characters so quick, and sharp, and SMART! Outstanding! The writers from West Wing should have a reunion BBQ and roast the writers from the last couple seasons of Friends on great big spits. "Mmmmmmm," (Homer drool) "writers!"

Anyhow. I was hungry. What to eat? I spied a 3-day old baguette sitting on my counter and wondered if it was still viable. Hm. How about some bruschetta?


Switch on the broiler. (My little table-top contraption with three gas burners has a little broiler in the bottom. It's okay for a couple pieces of fish, which I do occasionally, but mostly I use it for bread that won't fit in the toaster.)

Chop some cherry tomatoes, lovely purple onions I was happy to come across the other day, and rip apart some green olives, separating them from their pits. I threw in some dried basil (I've never seen fresh here) and a tiny bit of diced garlic. I tossed that up with some chili and garlic olive oil, and a little salt and pepper.

I toasted the bread on both sides and rubbed it with a couple cloves of garlic sliced in half. Then I spooned on the tomato concoction, added a wee sprinkling of shredded mozzarella and another tiny drizzle of olive oil, and back under the broiler just to melt the cheese a bit.
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I found a recipe for white gazpacho online the other week, and I wished I had a batch of that to enjoy with the bread. I've got a container full of homemade chicken broth in the freezer. BUT I don't have a blender, and I'm not sure if plain unsweetened yogurt is available here. I'd have to sour the cream myself, but that's do-able. Maybe next time. I love cold soups in the summer, don't you?


Kevin said...

Come to Seoul. Fresh basil here. I bought some and used it to make pesto a while back. Veddy nice, veddy nice. My pesto needed a bit of work, though-- there was a tad too much lemon juice in it.

Actually, I bet you can find fresh basil in Busan proper.


sher said...

Wow, that looks yummy!!!!!

Anonymous said...


It's Me... Maven said...

Looks wonderful!!!