Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Funky Beetle Deux

I was headed down the stairs on my way to work today, when I felt my hand, which was sliding along the railing, come into contact with something. I shrieked when I saw it was a big bug. I've posted about this beast before. Bad beetle! But what surprised me the most was that this beast suddenly took flight - and headed right toward my nose! AGGHHHHH! I didn't know it could do that!

It settled down so I could take it's photo. You can still see his wings not quite tucked in properly.
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Then it turned and glared at me, and threatened to try and fly up my nose again.
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Uhhh, no thanks, buddy.

I showed a few of my students the picture today, and they recognized the beast immediately. Do you know what it's called here. (Remember, it's known as the Asian Longhorned Beetle in English.) In Korean it's called a SKY-COW! That's awesome!

I have to ask again tomorrow how to say it. I can't remember the word for "sky." This rivals my other favourite Korean word - "mool-jip" - which means blister, and translates as "water-house." Too precious!

Here's what was waiting on the railing when I came home.
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It's a "samagee," also known as "kamakiri," which is Kamikaze's namesake in Japanese. I didn't touch this little guy, but he was ready to fight. He'd raise his little scary arms up when I put my finger near him.

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I wonder what sort of beast I'll run into tomorrow.

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