Saturday, July 28, 2007

Hot and Lost and Found

Blech! It's HOT! Maybe you should go away and check back in with me sometime in October, which is around the time I'm going to stop bitching about the weather. I've had my air conditioning on full-blast for two days, and it's still 30 degrees inside my apartment. I anticipate a huge electricity bill, but I don't care. I'm on vacation now. So instead of going anywhere or doing anything fun, I'm going to vegetate beneath my crappy little air air conditioner.

I did get a wave of relief last night at around two in the morning, when I finally found my favourite ring I'd been looking for for three days. As a result, all the dust bunnies under all the furniture have been cleaned up. I even went through a big bag of garbage (gross) worrying that it might have gotten swept up, or wound up being thrown out accidentally. I finally shouted "Shut UP!" when I found it at the bottom of a plastic bag filled with pills I'd actually moved around about a hundred times already while cleaning. Kamikaze was the culprit. I'm sure he knocked the ring off the table and it just happened to land in the bag!

As punishment, I confiscated all Kamikaze's cocktail weenies and gave them to Buddy: The Good Boy.
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I'm joking. Actually, Kamikaze only eats fish.
But to congratulate myself for a successful search and clean, I went online and bought myself a new ring:
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Because, like, it's high time I told myself that I'd marry myself all over again.

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Jelly said...

Zero comments? Isn't this the lovliest dog ever? Don't you want to adopt him? Sheesh.