Saturday, July 28, 2007

Ants on a Log

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Only instead of a log, it's a banana flavoured cheesie poof. Without the cheese.
It's an ant-covered banana poof.
I doubt it's delicious.
Since I took this photo, I've had two separate nightmares on two different nights about these ants on this banana poof. Just so you know.
Sweet dreams, you.


Mosaic Cats said...

You must show this photo to Pixie, Daisy the Curly Cat's sister. She recently posted a photo of herself gingerly gnawing on a banana. Seems she is quite partial to them. Wonder if I can figure out how to share it with her?

It was hotter than DOO DOO here last night too, or at least Mosaic Lady felt that way. It's a WET heat. Ugh. She kept us up all damn night tossing and tossing.
We're cranking the A/C tonight no matter what she says if that happens again.
See you soon...

Benjamin Fuzz said...

hi there...coming over on my first visit. sounds ugly hot there. it costs less to cool than to least it does here.

how did you come to be in korea?

ben fuzz

ps your kamikaze man cat is pretty amazing!