Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Cat Story

I don't know what's up with this cat. This makeup wearing cat.
Furthermore, what's up with this T-shirt? It's so very busy!
See under the makeup wearing cat? It tells the "Cat Story!!" And the story is that "the white cat just smirked!!!!"
Okay, that cat seems to be smirking. But dat cat dere is NOT WHITE. Another T-shirt filled with lies about white cats. LIES, I tell you! LIIIIIEEEESSS!

And so, are we to assume the rest of the T-shirt is a lie?
Holy fragmented sentence, Batman. If anyone acknowledges that jesus is the - what? And where da Capitals for J-man and he Daddy-G? Where da respect, mon?

Frickin non-white smirky cat. Frickin T-shirts of lies.

1 comment:

Mosaic Cats said...

I'm way confused.
Is this what Koreans imagine Jesus looked like when he rose from the dead and burned his image in that shroud and moved that boulder out o' his way and freaked Mary M. out?
A transgender white cat?
Well, OK then.