Saturday, January 19, 2008


Mmmmmm, placenta soap.

I thought it was just another case of strange brand names, but turns out this soap is actually made of cow placenta. Googling "placenta soap" makes me realize this isn't that uncommon. Still, ugh!

My best friend Joanie's father was an esthetician and owned a beauty salon and supply store. He used to have all sorts of supplies around the house. When we were in high school, Joanie threw a crazy party while her dad and step-mom were away. It turned out being a very expensive party for her, as she had to pony up for a stereo, some jewellery, and a fur coat that were stolen, as well as paying to have the floors sand blasted and re-done after the house got totally trashed.

She also had to pay to replace a bunch of beauty supplies that had been liberated from the freezer. Joanie stumbled into the kitchen at some point to find a table full of stoners sucking on "placenta popsicles."
"You have anything good to eat?" one of them complained. "This shit tastes weird, man."

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