Tuesday, January 29, 2008


It turned out really well! I met up with my students a half hour later than we planned because one of them was at the "hair shop." She turned up looking all cute in a new bob with a Minnie Mouse bow. I'd show you a picture, but every time I pointed my camera in the girl's direction they all went into hand-shield mode. Ah well. We jumped on a bus and headed downtown. I'd already told the girls I didn't think seeing "The Mist" was a good idea. Too scary. They didn't protest. When we finally arrived at the theatre we found out that Cloverfield wasn't even playing there! It was at the other theatre in town. So our choices were Alien vs Predator (Seriously, I'd rather jam forks into my eyes.) or Sweeny Todd, which wasn't even an option as it's got an 18 rating here. I don't know why the girls were so reluctant to check out a DVD Room, maybe because they'd never been to one before and had no idea what they're like, but I finally convinced them to at least come along and see what movies they had to offer. On the way, we stopped to eat some lunch.

When the students told me they wanted to eat fried rice for lunch, I wasn't very thrilled. But, this restaurant turned out to be quite good. I think it was called "Yu-Ga-Ne" or "Yu-Gee-Na" or something like that. I'll ask again tomorrow. I kept asking and then would forget the moment after I'd been told. Anyhow, we had some spicy chicken bokkum bap. You start off with a pile of spicy chicken and some sliced leeks in a big frypan sort of thing.

One of the staff comes over and prepares your meal at the table. They stir everything up with big wooden paddles. Every time I pointed the camera at our waiter/cook he got all shy, though. Sheesh. Where are my Vee Signs? Here's the rice and spicy sauce that will be added to the pot.
You can see a bowl of cabbage in cold broth in the foreground. Each of us got a bowl of that, and to share there was a little plate of cabbage with ketchup/mayonnaise and a small plate of kimchi. This place isn't fancy with the panchan.

Here's the chicken and leeks all spread out.

And in goes the rice!

Let's have a closer look.
Now that's some spicy bokkum bap. I think we went through about five litres of water! (I drank about four of them! Ha!) But it was very good! You could spoon potions out onto the plate provided, but we just ended shovelling it directly into our mouths from the pan. I'm going to have to go back there and try some of the other dishes. The couple at the table next to us were enjoying cheese fried rice and that looked very interesting. Mmmm. Stringy!

So all full up, we headed to the DVD Room which was very swank and run by a nice mom and her teenage daughter. We picked out "Ratatouille," and went to our private screening room with big sound and big screen and kicked off our shoes and stretched out on these comfy couches. Sweet! The girls said it was better than being at the movie theatre, and I wasn't going to disagree. I usually end up with some jerk kicking the back of my chair, which drives me mental. The kids laughed through the film and asked to watch another one at the end of it. I almost agreed, but I had thought of something else to do. So we left there and stopped for some ice cream. We all had what I think is the current flavour of the month at Baskin Robbins - some espresso-biscotti thing - and it sucked. What I think was meant to be biscotti tasted more like hunks of wax. I kept sucking the ice cream and spitting out the offending chunks before finally giving two thirds of my scoop to the girls. Blech.

Then I took the girls to get manicures, which was awesome. That was a first for all of us, but I think I'm going to treat myself every month or two. I loved the mini hand massage I got, but at one point the woman snapped the ends of all my fingers which was unpleasant. Ouch. Otherwise I can't say a bad thing about it.

What a nice day we had. I was very pleased my students enjoyed themselves so much, and they made me promise we'd do it again. How was your weekend?

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