Sunday, January 13, 2008

Literally Boggles My Mind

Some BubbleHead I saw on television just now said, "I mean, I was so nervous! I literally had butterflies flying in my stomach!"

Really? That's awesome!

And I wondered how they'd gotten there, those butterflies. Had she eaten caterpillars? Had they made cocoons in her? Had her nervousness caused the butterflies to emerge? Do I have butteflies in me? I don't think so. Where the hell are MY butterflies? BubbleHead's literally hogging all the butterflies.

The myriad of questions I have regarding this girl with butterflies inside her literally makes my head explode. I have to go. I literally have to clean up all the grey matter splattered around my apartment.

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Annie Mosaic Cat said...

Wow! I felt the EXACT same way when I heard Huckaboo (a candidate for PRESIDENT! Of the UNITED STATES!) say on tee vee, TWICE:

Again I felt that way last night when I heard Suze Orman, A FINANCIAL EXPERT WITH HER OWN UNIVERSE OF BOOKS, SHOWS AND INFOMERCIALS, say:

"Had you ran a bar before?"

This violence against language must stop.