Thursday, January 31, 2008

We're Begging

The lost dog showed up again today. He parked himself just outside the doors despite the Taekwondo kids and our students surrounding him, shouting and poking him. I finally picked him up and taught my second to last class with him snuggled in my arms. I was happy he stopped shaking. I taught most of my last class with him sleeping on a knapsack in the centre of the table.

I'd like if he lived at our school and was safe and warm and was a lesson to our students on how to be kind, gentle and loving to dogs. That's not going to happen, though - because my co-workers hate animals. On the other hand,....

The local pet store came by and took him in for the night. I'm covering the ten dollar a day fee. I was hoping to reunite this dog with its owners, but from what I've been told chances are this dog has been "thrown away." I couldn't handle that, and wasn't able to teach the last ten minutes of my class because I was in tears. Who could get a dog (puppy) used to having a home and then turn him out to the street? This dog was great with kids, but wary of me (probably because I reek of cat) yet when I picked him up he snuggled into my neck like I was Disneyland - the happiest place on Earth. And he was so tired. No food or water would dissuade him from the sleep he fell into in the crook of my arms.

So what happens now? If I can't find owners who are missing him or find him a new home what am I going to do?

I completely identify with the theme of being LOST. Dogs follow me to work every day and I've dulled myself toward their homelessness because they've grown up outside. I'd love to take them in and show them what it's like to be an indoor dog, but I can't. I think they probably can't miss what they never knew. However, this groomed Maltese once had someone who loved him. It's not fair for him to be out in the cold now. I relate to his confusion and desperation.

So I'll continue to sponsor his boarding, but he needs a home. He needs to not be lost. (Me too, but that's another thing.) He needs you, or needs you to talk to your friends and find someone who needs him. Please? (I'm hanging by a thread; I just can't handle animal misfortune - help me.) We're begging.

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sher said...

Oh Jenn! He's so adorable!!! I would take him if I lived near you. We have the same things here--peoplpe treat animals like furniture. They get them--then toss them away. Are there any animals rescue groups there?