Thursday, January 24, 2008

Poor Bunny

This is the most depressing thing I saw today.
Sad Saddle Bunny.

This is the second most.

That's the sink in the washroom at school which is still all plugged up, and still gnarls me out. You know what that crap is in the water? MOULD! Is it normal for tap water to go all mouldy like that? Whenever I go into the bathroom and there's someone else there I offer them a drink of it. So far I haven't had any takers.

The third most depressing thing I saw today was Brokeback Mountain, which I rented and viewed again. It was never the happiest of films, but it's made even more sad now that Heath Ledger, who was brilliant in it, has passed away.

Oh, cruel world.


Kevin said...

I was shocked the first time you revealed the bathroom nastiness. No one should have to work in such literally shitty conditions.

Although it won't solve the big-picture issues, you might consider buying what we Yanks call "Liquid Plumb-R" (am I spelling that right?), a chemical solvent that you pour down a drain. You empty half or all the bottle into the sink, and the chemical eats away at whatever organic matter is jamming the pipe.

After doing that, I'd run water down the pipe for a few long minutes, then a day or so later I'd pour some chlorine bleach into the sink to kill off all the alien life forms. Christ, that's nasty.

Of course, no one will thank you for that effort, but there'll be a tiny bit less misery in the world.


Jelly said...

Actually, it's not that the sink is clogged - it's broken. The mechanism that moves the plug up and down is gone. Weeks ago, when the water in it wasn't as nasty I stuck a gloved hand in there and tried to pry it open but maybe it's sealed with crazy glue. I even tried various tools, but no luck. I don't know what's up with the other two big sinks.

The whole plumbing thing needs an overhaul. Those sinks have been leaking water onto the middle of the bathroom floor for 3 years. There's always a pool of standing water in there, and I imagine I'm tramping salmonella, e-coli, and, uh, anthrax back into the school on the soles of my sandals.

I wonder what it is that makes the water so mouldy, but I think you're on target with the idea of aliens. I just wathed "Invasion" last night, and I suppose I'm going to get body-snatched at any moment now.