Thursday, February 28, 2008

Can't Type, Sleeping!

I should write something, but then I come home from work and decide to crawl into bed for a little nap - maybe an hour or so,...and I wake up five hours later. Then it's so late/early and I'm so fuzzy I just drink some water and go back to sleep. The extra "Z's" have been helping to ease up my cold (and the medicine and ass injection I got Tuesday isn't hurting, either.) So today I'll spend time thinking about something to write about.

I had a dream this morning that there was this huge animal hanging out in the parking lot downstairs. I said "Whoooaaa! What's THAT?" as I reached for my camera in my bag, before remembering I'd left it charging upstairs. Damn!
"It's a Yakama." Some guy hanging off his balcony above explained, "A cross between a yak and a llama." The Yakama blinked at me with long lashy Snuffaluppagus eyes.

"Hey!" I said to the guy above me. "You speak English well!"
"I'm a Yakuza," he explained. I nodded. Apparently it makes sense in my dreams that Japanese gangsters speak fluent English.

The Yakama leaned in and started to nibble at my earring.
I woke up with Kamikaze breathing on my neck.

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