Friday, February 29, 2008

Year End

Today marked the end of a "year" at work. My boss has been going mental all week trying to organize classes and textbooks and whatnot for the new year, which is going to commence on Monday. Still no Jane, and today my boss said that Jane wants to take another month off still, so as of now she's not coming back. That still may change, but I imagine chances get slimmer and slimmer as the weeks keep going by. I'll be really surprised if Jane ever comes back at this point, but perhaps my boss is keeping her options open in case she's had it by the end of the month and wants to go back to working part time. I mean, I KNOW she'd rather only come in a couple days a week - but I'm not sure that's really financially responsible these days with our low enrollment.

We are getting a bunch of new students next week, though - and that's always fun. I'll be starting my day with a class of six young'uns - some of them know me already because their older siblings are already my students. New students are usually pretty quiet and well behaved to start out. They've got to make sure I'm not going to eat them before they start acting up.

Meanwhile, I've all but demanded a wayshik - which is an after-work meal with drinks for the employees. The last time we went out together was at the end of October. We didn't do anything for Christmas (remember?) nor the Solar or Lunar New Years. So now that it's the School New Year I think we're due some afterhours fun. Sunny - my co-worker agrees. Perhaps it'll happen next week. I'm going to keep bugging my boss until it happens!

I don't smell good.
The week before last I had finally had enough of the disgusting sink in the bathroom at work after I again walked in to find three bars of soap had been hidden in the gross mouldy water. I grabbed some gloves and a couple screwdrivers and and plunged my hands into the mess and pried the stopper open. The water drained out - ha - onto the floor! So I swept that all up into the drain and then worked on clearing the hoses and the hole in the floor where they empty into. So we had two working sinks. Two out of four. The large silver industrial sinks were still plugged and filled with grossness.

Yesterday one of the cleared basins re-clogged, so I bought four bottles of the Korean version of Drain-o and a plunger. I emptied all the bottles into the sinks and then spent all my breaks today plunging the big sinks. I would plunge one and the water from the other sink would drain out, but I was only sucking that crap into the sink I was plunging! I did encounter some splashage - which I why I smell so chemical now - that stuff really sticks to you! By the end of the night most of the standing water had gone away, so I threw another container of Drain-o down there to let soak for the weekend and I'll see if I can finally get the job finished on Monday. It's only been a couple months of getting annoyed everytime I went to the washroom, afterall.

After I solve the sink problems on Monday I'll have to start on fixing our computer and fax machine which are both broken.

You may have noticed I didn't write anything yesterday. At least, not on here I didn't. I did, however, write a seven page letter to my grandmother, who's still in the hospital after two weeks now. Today four little girl students wrote sweet messages on the last page, telling my grandma to get better soon. All of them included the message "Jenny's Grandma FIGHTING!" Too cute!

This is only my thirteenth post for the month of February, and we can stick a fork in Feb., since it be done! I'll try to be more regular in March. Oh, and I'll try to post more, too. HA!


nosaj100 said...

You are a very dedicated employee. I will keep your grandmother in my prayers. I hope she gets well.

sher said...

Jenn! I hope they appreciate you there! That place will be a lot sadder when you leave. And I hope you grandmother feels better soon.