Friday, February 15, 2008


It looks like I may have found a home for Wonder the dog. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's going to work out. I'm not sure why the Vet seems to be dragging his feet a bit about completing the tests I asked to have done (heartworm and liver/kidney thing that was recommended by some folks at Animal Rescue Korea) but hopefully I'll hear tomorrow that he's all clear and good to go! I think I'm going to swing by on Saturday and take him for a walk if they'll let me. If it works out with the potential adopter, Wonder's going to live with a nice family up in Anyang!

The washroom at work continues to piss me off. I kept getting annoyed that someone keeps stealing the soap I buy. That in itself (the washing of the hands) is a very unpleasant experience because the water is ice cold and it's actually painful to clean your hands. I've replaced two bars of soap that have gone missing is as many weeks - but today I peered into the black mouldy murky disgusting sink and realized where the bars of soap had disappeared to. Gross. During the next break I came back with plastic gimbap-rolling gloves and recovered the bars that are now soft and slimy. Their texture, coupled with having my hand in that filth, made me almost hurl. On the way back to school I ran into the cute Taekwondo master and pointed to a pile of fluorescent lights leaning in a corner of the hallway. "Are they broken?" I asked. (I knew the answer would be yes.) And so I complained about the lights being broken in the bathroom and how it's scary and the Bathroom-Ghost is going to get me.

You know what? The lights were finally on again within the hour. I'd been complaining to my boss about having to piss in the dark for two months, when all I needed to do was bat my eyelashes a bit. Sweet! I thanked him very much which made him smile. He may not be so smiley tomorrow when I drag him by the hand into the Ladies' and offer him a sink-drink!

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sher said...

Phew! I hope it works out. I've actually been trying to find out how Wonder Dog could be shipped to me--and it's didn't look good at all!

That bathroom sounds totally gross!