Friday, February 01, 2008


I'm obsessing about the little dog, but hope there will be a happy ending. I'm going to move the dog from the pet store to Kamikaze's vet downtown hopefully tonight. I'm not impressed with Pet Store Guy's attitude and not convinced the guy even really likes animals. While boarding at the vet's I'm going to get the little dog a check-up and maybe some shots if he needs them. My former co-worker Joy says she's going to ask some of her family members if they're interested, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I'm also going to poster my town in the hopes that his previous owners are looking for him.

Oh, and thank you to Eva - my wonderful friend in Belgium, for her kind offer to help out with the cost - and to John - who's a really great guy to even consider becoming a foster dad.


Nomad said...

Hope you find someone who'll take (good) care of the dog. We already have two dogs (which is one more than I'd really care to have but that's another subject) so unfortunately, can't help you out.

sher said...

I'm not surprised to learn that you're doing this! You have such a big heart.